"One family in the church, who are very musical, began having family worship sessions. Even their five year old sang and danced, together. Even though they were (in their words) "sloppy," they brought a lot of joy and unity."


My cousin tested positive for COVID-19. I prayed for him over the phone about the finished work of Jesus on the Cross and released Kingdom of God into his room. Next day, he texted me that he is feeling better  and to pray for him again. The pain left his body but he had slight cough. I prayed over the phone with him every day releasing life of God over his body. Tuesday evening while praying for him, I heard spirit of God saying "Result is Negative".Yesterday morning I got a message from him that his latest result  came out negative. 


“A dad shared his favorite things about each family member before dinner one night. The next night, his five year old wanted a turn to encourage. Everyday this continued and began to turn into the child giving each family member prophetic words!"


A woman from South Africa tuned into our Thrive Roar 2020 Online Conference. One of the sessions was on the resurrection power of Jesus. That night God healed her of fibromyalgia, after wrestling with it for 5 years. She experienced her first full nights sleep in years and is pain free!


"During a ministry meeting Zoom call, a mom mentioned that her teenage son lost his job due to social distancing. A contractor was also on the call, and in need of workers. He hired the young man the next day!"