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Drew Neal - Impact School of Discipling Part 2

July 26th-28th
True Life Church
1600 Old Settlers Blvd
Round Rock, Texas

You're not a problem, you're a solution. God doesn't want to change the world in spite of you, He wants to change it through you. So many of us look at the world around us, see problems, and pray to God that He would fix them. What if His plan is for you to take responsibility for His eyes towards the world and its problems? What if the greatest solution for that problem is already inside of you and it's time for you to uncover it through partnership with Heaven? Through this training, you will discover your capacity to change the world around you through bringing Heaven outcomes to Earth. We will discuss topics like what the biblical profile of a world-changer looks like, the roadmap to discipling nations, the supernatural "how" of changing the world, words of wisdom, and the partnership between revival and reformation available to us.


It's time for us to realize our full capacity as His children and address the world and it's problems with fresh eyes, a new perspective, and supernatural solutions.

About Drew Neal

Drew Neal is a strategic thinker and a friend of Holy Spirit. He and his wife Melissa have been married for 15 years and lead Generation ONE Church in Metro Detroit. Ministering for nearly 20 years, Drew also travels as a trainer and speaker for developing a kingdom culture in your sphere of influence. Drew specializes in activating prophetic & apostolic life skills, entreformation (sustainable transformation through entrepreneurship), and generational synergy. He and his wife live in Oakland, MI with their three boys.


IMPACT Conference ​Session Titles 

Innovation, Mobilization, Purpose, Activation, Connection, Transformation

Deadline to register July 22nd
churches in round rock tx non denominational Dan McCollam
Friday, July 26th 7pm-9:30pm (Sessions 1, 2)
Saturday, July 27th 9am-4pm (Sessions 3-7)
Sunday, July 28th  9am, 11am (Church Services)
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