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Financial Assistant

We are looking for a Financial Assistant! This position is Part-time, Monday through Wednesday, about 24 hours per week or possibly Monday through Thursday, about 30-32 hours per week;


Knowledge of basic accounting principles required; Non-profit accounting knowledge helpful.  Experience with QuickBooks and Excel / spreadsheets.  Attention to detail, accuracy and efficiency.  Good people skills and communication with team members.  Willing to walk in accountability with those in authority.


Assist the Finance Manager and church Treasurer in managing, processing and troubleshooting various accounts & transactions.  Coordinate and collaborate with the Church Administrator / Financial Manager, church Treasurer, and outside accountant, as necessary.  Tasks include journal entries, reconciliations, transfers, payments, deposits, monthly and special reporting, payroll with related taxes, and employee records

Character/Personal Disciplines

Keep short accounts; being quick to forgive and show honor; Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ

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