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What to Give the Man Who Has Everything?

Sarah Morales | True life | Round Rock

December is approaching and by now my kids have their lists ready for Santa (mommy and daddy). Alex and I have dropped hints as to what we are “needing”. We have heard lots about how it’s more blessed to give than receive, but what about in our relationship with the Lord? Do we really feel that way? Many times in our relationship with the Lord, we move into a lack or pauper mindset. We may think He doesn't need our attention or affection. He is God, He doesn't NEED anything. However, He desires you. He desires intimate relationship with you, where you can speak to Him and He can speak to you and you hear Him.

In this day and age, you can walk into churches where there is an established worship culture, a great worship team and a great atmosphere that makes it easy for you to enter into worship. There is freedom in worship to “go all out”. I’m grateful for that freedom. However, freedom was not freely given to us so that we do nothing with it, rather freedom allows you the space to explore God and all He has for you. God in Himself is a gift to us, and in that He has given us so much more if we would only open up that Gift.

It makes me think about my kids on Christmas. Watching my kids in the Christmas season is a gift in itself. They are full of wonder and they are thankful. Many times they don't even know the full value of their gifts but it doesn't matter. It doesn't keep them from fully diving in. Like most kids, there are some gifts that after a few months, they forget about. That is so much like our relationship with the Lord. We forget after a while the access we have to Him, to healing, grace, mercy, and the beautiful gift we have to worship and experience Him fully.

I would submit to you, that how we treat our gifts from God and our access to Him can be a gift to God. When hearts are fully engaged with Him, it is a beautiful thing. It looks differently for each person, but what would it look like to give Him everything? Lately, in my relationship, it has required that I revisit things in my heart and life. I surrender once again what I think I know about Him and listen to what He is saying to me. I am a person who feels free in worship. Lately, I ask myself these questions, “Have I grown comfortable ?” or “Am I listening and responding to what He desires”? How does He desire us to love and worship Him today?

God is God, but He has emotion, feeling and desire. Surely in exploring who He is, we will find ourselves with the invitation to know Him better. Maybe He wants you to just rest, maybe to do something you have never done in worship, to serve someone, to create, to declare, to be still and know who He is!

I greatly encourage you today to take moments over this season and into next year and give the gift of surrender. Listen and RESPOND. I pray that as you do this, Christmas will come alive in you and you will receive JOY!

“What can I give Him? I’ll give Him my heart.”

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