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Here is an amazing story shared by "Zeta", one of our missionaries:


Z is a 17 year old student who came to faith through our Instagram page. She shared that her dad never showed love toward her, but instead has always tried to control and to put pressure on her. Z had been researching various religions for a while, and had been asking her mom and her teachers the questions nagging at her. However, none of them were ever able to give her satisfying answers. That’s why she began researching religions online. She came upon our Instagram page and began following it.


After participating in the online music concert and the live seminars we hosted last month, she prayed to Jesus and asked him for a sign. A few days later, she had a dream in which she drank red wine from a bowl. She then wrote to us to ask if red wine held any significance in the Christian faith. I immediately wrote back to explain the meaning of her dream. She was surprised but also really happy, and we began to write back and forth about other questions she had. 


After an additional few weeks of participating in more of our live stream events and asking more questions, I asked her if she wanted to place her faith in Jesus. Z shared that she was deeply touched by the love of Christ and that she did indeed want to place her faith in him. We as a team were thrilled, and rejoiced with her. 


Within the past nine months, Z is the seventh person who has come to faith through the digital strategies we’ve used in our ministry. I invited her to read the Bible each day and to share with me briefly about what she’s been reading. There’s no church in her city and she’s only able to read the Bible on her phone. It’s difficult to even read the Bible on her phone since her dad always looks at her phone to see what sites she’s accessed. Despite the difficulties, Z is reading the Bible. She started in the book of John and as she’s read a few chapters at a time each day, she writes to us about the questions she has or the things she’s encouraged by. In this way, we’ve begun studying the Word with her, and praise God it’s going well so far. 


Z's greatest desire and prayer request is to get accepted to a university in a city where there’s a church presence. She longs to live out her faith in Christ more freely. Please pray for Z and that she’d grow in the Lord and be rooted in him.

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