Edited excerpt from "Zeta" an indigenous worker serving on college campuses: 

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“Y” is 22 years old and a graduate student. He followed his family religion from an early age. But despite all of this, he could not find any peace in his inner world and started to do some research about other religions. “Y” loves to read books. While reading and researching about different religions and beliefs in his spare time, he came across an ad on Facebook asking if he would like to read the Bible. He saw the ad and asked for a Bible by filling out the request form. A few days later, several books about the Bible and Christianity arrived at this home. He immediately started reading the Bible and researching about the churches in his town. He sent an e-mail to our church and I started corresponding with him. We met up in a park after several weeks of regularly correspondence with him answering his questions about Christianity. We talked at great length about his questions, and I was able to share the gospel with him. I sent him short articles about Christianity and we met again in the park two weeks ago. After chatting about Christianity for a while, I asked him if he wanted to believe in Jesus Christ. He said that Jesus did not discriminate between people and that he was very impressed by the verse where Jesus says, “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” in Matthew 5:45. He happily said yes, he wanted to believe! We immediately prayed together in the park. We are meeting every week now and he will soon be baptized. Please pray for “Y”. May his roots in the Lord grow and go deep.

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