True Life Staff Blog

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Sylvia Neusch
Associate Pastor

We often long and pray for God to manifest Himself in our world. Many times we have a picture in our mind of what that might look like. Sometimes it is based on how He chose to come in the past, or other times it is based on how we desire for Him to come. But, what does it really look like for Heaven to come to earth?

Two thousand years ago Heaven touching earth looked like a scandalous marriage, an otherworldly star, and a crude, obscure manger.

Sozo is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry, purposed to free us from lies we believe about ourselves, each other, and God.

The purpose of the Healing Rooms is to prayerfully minister to those who are suffering from physical ailments.

AuSSM's mission is to equip and send out passionate revivalists who bring about worldwide transformation by releasing the Kingdom of God as a lifestyle.

Our children have an assignment. It is an assignment directly from Heaven. They have purpose. They have life.

We prepare the youth by equipping them to be whole-hearted lovers of God, know their true identity as children of God, and live a lifestyle of holiness.

Our heart is to see young adults encounter the love of Christ, learn their God-given identity, and receive tools for a healthy, Spirit filled life.  

At True Life, our heart and mission is that "No man walks alone." Year-round, we offer opportunities for men to forge healthy and lasting relationships.

Women have an important place in God's heart and in the Kingdom of God. We want every woman to grow to their fullest, God-given potential.

True Life Journey Groups are all about relationships – with God as we grow spiritually, and with each other as we travel together on this journey called life.

Our goal in worship is to encounter God. He is a living God that loves to inhabit the praise of His children.

Prayer is the foundation and backbone of True Life. We truly want to be a House of Prayer.

We take the Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world starting with Jerusalem (local ministries), then to the ends of the earth (foreign missions).