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Turning Our Nation Back to God: with Pastor Che Ahn

September 17th
Pricing is FREE
No Charge 
True Life Church
1600 Old Settlers Blvd
Round Rock, Texas

Dr. Ché Ahn opens the pages of scripture and church history with fresh insights for this generation as he issues a call to action for every believer.


As you embark on this journey through revival history, your faith will be sparked to contend for personal revival in your life and true historic revival in your nation.


At this crucial moment in history, you are being offered a divine invitation. In the face of escalating chaos, national conflict, and global shaking. God has a bulletproof plan that is currently unfolding in unprecedented ways.


Historic Revival is on God’s agenda. Are you ready to turn our nation back to God?


Brunch will be served from 10am to 10:30am


Cost is free to attend, but registration is required

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Che Ahn
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