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If you'd like to give to foreign missions click here:

In The Field

There are 25 individuals and 3 organizations serving across the world that are supported by True Life.


From Amsterdam to Tokyo, our missionaries are in 6 different nations.


4% of all undesignated tithes and offerings goes to foreign missions. Individuals may also give a designated offering to missions through this link.

Missions Pastors
Bryan and Beth Walker
Contact Us:

Bryan and Beth Walker have been the True Life Foreign Missions Pastors since 2010. They have previously served overseas for both long and short term missions. With years of experience and a heart for supporting missionaries, the Walkers are dedicated to ministering to those who are currently serving in the field.

Go Forth Connect Group

4th Tuesday of each month

7:00 p.m. in Round Rock

We gather once a month to hear updates from our missionaries and pray for the specific needs they share. This is an opportunity to learn (unfiltered) how True Life is partnering with these cross-cultural workers and ministries to bring the Good News to the nations. Our missionaries are always encouraged to hear how the Holy Spirit led us to pray for them each month and often share that our prayers directly confirmed or answered something they were asking God about in that season.

Steve and Suzanne Buchele.png

Steve and Suzanne Buchele

Colorado – Mission Training Institute


Laura Beth Lyles

Oaks Counseling

Iris Global Logo (1).png

Aaron and Sarah McKisic

Tokyo – Iris Global


Beth Walker

Oaks Counseling

Daniel and Carrleigh Ray.png

Daniel and Carrleigh Ray

Amsterdam – Credo Church


Information is private for safety


Information is private for safety


Information is private for safety


Information is private for safety


Information is private for safety


Information is private for safety

Sounds of the Nations.png

Sounds of the Nations

Dano McCollam leads Sounds of the Nations, releasing the song of the Lord in the sound of the people and facilitating God-encounters and the spirit of revival in 17 countries and 51 languages.

Oaks Logo.jpeg

Oaks Counseling

Oaks Counseling is focused on bringing emotional support to cross-cultural humanitarian aid workers and missionaries through clinical counseling, debriefing and intensives during furloughs and home assignments. While a worker is on a cross-cultural assignment, online psychotherapy and critical incident debriefing is available through licensed psychologists, counselors, social workers and MFTs in our network. 


Two True Life members are supported at Oaks: Laura Beth Lyles and Beth Walker

Rescue the Poor.png

Rescue the Poor & Hope for a new haiti

Rescue the poor America is a Christian organization and a faith-based response to assist orphanages throughout 3rd world countries to support vulnerable children, widows and needy families. We target basic needs like Food, Shelter, Clothes, Healthcare and Education with Love and Prosperity as we share the amazing gospel of Christ Jesus.

Rex Whisenhunt, a True Life member, is the Director of Rescue the Poor and Hope for A New Haiti.


to foreign missions

At True Life Church, we believe in the power of faith and its ability to make a difference in the world. Our goal is to spread the teachings of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit, bringing individuals and families into life-changing encounters with a loving Father through relationship with His Son. We are passionate about bringing hope and joy to people’s lives and fostering meaningful connections that will help them grow spiritually.

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