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The Garden: Returning to God's Intent

Relationship with God is such a beautiful thing. We are on a continual journey of learning about Him. I love how we as a body are seeing the way He is speaking to His people. He is moving and bringing revelation in different ways, but very much the same messages.

God has been highlighting the Garden a lot lately. It’s in fashion, home decor, music and lifestyle. I wrote a blog last summer entitled "Sing Over Your Garden". It was about stewarding your secret place with the Lord and how worship helps your heart, soul, mind and spirit to connect with our Creator.

When we were created, we were designed with intention by God. There were no accidents. Adam and Eve were created for relationship with God, relationship with each other, to give life, and to partner with God. God has been speaking to my heart about what it looks like to look upon Him and be transformed by the revelation of His intent for us.

We know sin came in with Adam and Eve in the Garden. It seems like such a huge mess for one "mistake". God reminded me of what communion with God must have looked like in a perfect world; beauty, growth and complete peace…Heaven on Earth.

He then reminded me that the enemy of our soul tried to usurp God. He failed and was cast out. In the Garden, he saw the beauty of the new thing God created and decided to usurp the authority man was given.

He planted doubt and distance between Adam and Eve, then did the same with their pure trust in God. Through their actions, the enemy attacked Eve's voice, the validity to her voice, her thoughts and opinions when sin came in through doubt.

Eve was to partner, co-create, to speak life and spur life. Instead of creativity, they were made to work. God wants us to return to Him and return to the intentions of His heart that time and seasons have distorted.

What things or voices in your life have replaced the voice of God? What has caused you to question what you know about God and then led you to make decisions on a false revelation? It may not always look like a “sin”, it may just look like “God changed His mind”… “Did God really say…?”

There is so much power as we face those things head on. Where there is doubt, confusion, and hopelessness, begin to pull them down and return to the pure word of the Lord. Return to God's intent and dismantle your back up plans. Backup plans are idols that are an inferior plan to what Jesus has paid for. God is silencing the voice of the enemy in our lives through our obedience and pursuit of His heart.

He is silencing the voice that says, "You are missing something" and the voice that tries to convince you that you don't have something you already possess. He is removing the lies that point to your lack rather than the fact that you have everything you need in Jesus.

Anything that says you need to be more or that you are not enough is being removed. He is removing fear and the voice that leads you to create a new plan or back up plans other than the dreams of God for you. He is clearing the smog and silencing the voices that silence yours, giving you eyes to see and ears to hear.

You move toward God's intent by His relentless pursuit of your heart and by your worship and looking upon Him. You will know truth and purity when you look at Him. Your voice and your worship silences and distances the enemy, because God comes and sits enthroned in your worship. The enemy cannot come near you.

Through the time you spend with God, knowing Him, He is giving you the ability to partner with Heaven to release praise, truth and prophecy that will shift the atmosphere to your heart and to your surroundings and every place you step.

That was His intention when He created man, when He created you.

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