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Simply Surrender

If you have read Alex’s latest blog He shared a tiny bit on our latest venture in Bulgaria. I had so many beautiful moments worshipping with the family of God in different countries, cultures and languages. We experienced so many cool moments when you could feel the tangible pleasure of God in our midst. I remember having a profound moment standing at the back of the stage one night, not leading but worshipping with friends and playing with little kids that were climbing on the poles that were securing the stage frame. In the middle of this pandemonium and full celebration, in a place where I didn’t even understand most of what was being said or sung, I felt complete peace and joy. Nothing missing.

The Lord reminded me of the simplicity of love and surrender, the simplicity of unity. It just takes our ‘Yes’ and willingness to let go of what we have known up until now to receive the new, and all that He wants to give us.

There is truth and simplicity in our relationship with Jesus. Love is not full of conditions and score cards. Our Intimacy with Jesus looks like being willing to give Him all we are and seeing and receiving Him for all He is, allowing ourselves to be transformed in the process.

This season, I am finding that the Lord has been inviting me back to the simple truths I had learned long ago. Truth tried and tested in the fire that I have received on my journey.

Full surrender and pure love is at the core of our walk with Jesus. It is our surrender that positions us for everything, not working harder. Jesus already paid the price, He just wants us to receive Him in the revelation that is already paid for.

Worship is simple. It’s about Him. We can overcomplicate it when we look at the many things that it can produce in and for us (Healing, breakthrough, answered prayers, etc). When we focus on those things our worship can become conditional and we then struggle when we don’t see or experience the outcomes.

What does it look like for a people to be so fully consumed in love and so fully surrendered that we are willing to climb over those things to get to Jesus’ face?

You are His delight and there is nothing more beautiful to Him when we surrender and dare forsake all other things for Him, being completely immersed in HIm.

“My passion is to be consumed with him and not clinging to my own ‘righteousness’ based in keeping the written Law. My ‘righteousness’ will be his, based on the faithfulness of Jesus Christ—the very righteousness that comes from God. And I continually long to know the wonders of Jesus more fully, and to experience the overflowing power of his resurrection working in me. I will be one with him in his sufferings and I will be one with him in his death. Only then will I be able to experience complete oneness with him in his resurrection from the realm of death.” Philippians 3:9-11 TPT

There is an invitation in this season to surrender in our pursuit of revelation. He wants to give us more and He can only do that when we are able to receive . Sometimes we can hold on to what we know about God so much we are unwilling to grow, learn, and step into the new. We are about to step into such an amazing revelation and glimpse of His beauty. He desires that we would walk the narrow road, to be ones that count the cost and are willing to do whatever it takes to be one with Him. Such treasure awaits those who love him.

There is something so beautiful about one that is so in love that they will risk everything with Joy to be with the one they love. It’s what we are called to and what Jesus did for us. He counted it Joy to go to the cross because we were the prize, a bride who didn’t even know Him yet, one that would choose without seeing and love without condition.

When you pray and worship through your day I challenge you to once again find the places in your heart to surrender and allow yourself to be led by Him. Allow yourself to respond in truth.

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